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About the Founders

( This is what AI thinks a Chad looks like )

Both of our dev’s were tired of the rug culture surrounded behind meme coins. To display our token of appreciation to all the HODLRS out there our token has a max buy limit of 2% and a buy and sell tax of 6/9. As to avoid an overaccumulation of jeets (We see you) in the beginning and incentivize a hold. This project will grow to reward holders at different ranks of utility that will be revealed at different MC’s. Now sit back enjoy the show and let us do the hard work for you.

Phase I: Launch $Avicci Token 

Phase II: Marketing pushes from community and DEVS

Phase III: Get callers to notice and raid twitter

Phase IV: Meme competition starts

Phase V:

$AVICII Hoodie for burn 

Phase VI: Community raffles

Phase VIII: $AVICII Marketplace

Phase LVIII: Donations to the Tim Berlinger Charity 

Phase IX: Trading!

Phase X: *NULL*

Phase XI: Exchange listing

Phase XII: Valhalla

Chad after reading Roadmap

Thumbs Up_edited.png

More to come! Subject to change decided upon growth and commmunity goals


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